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Energy-Efficient DR Motor Series
Energy-Efficient DR Motor Series

SEW-EURODRIVE Launches Energy-Efficient DR Motor Series
New modular motor system offers more efficiency, performance and pricing options

The modular DR Motor is well suited for most any industries. The modular system allows users to specify exactly those options needed for any given application. Users in the food and beverage, water and wastewater industries will benefit from the improved coating and sealing options which keep these motors protected in wet environments in a wide range of temperatures. Automotive manufacturers rely on the many connector options to save time and ensure accuracy in installation and replacement. The variety of sensor and feedback options for speed, position and even brake wear are perfect for sophisticated electronic drive control systems found in packaging and logistics applications in many industries. Maintenance-friendly modular brakes, encoders and other options make retrofits and other field adjustments simple and fast in any market. 

The DR motor meets and exceeds international energy standards and comes in three efficiency levels: DRS Standard Efficiency (IE1), DRE High Efficiency (IE2), and DRP Premium Efficiency (IE3), which meets EISA 2007 and NR Can Energy efficient standard (CSA C390). The DR motor also meets NEMA Premium® standards for the USA and other energy standards around the world. In addition to energy efficiency options, the DR motor also offers other customizable options, including brake size, cost-optimized encoders, and mounting type. 

A truly innovative motor, the new DR series was developed with over 30 years of product knowledge from the DT/DV series and the latest in technology, materials and design. For years, SEW-EURODRIVE has provided the industry with highly efficient drives and gearmotors. Now, with the addition of the DR motor series, we provide optimal customization for cost savings and deliver even better total drive train efficiency. 

Providing simple configuration and ordering, the DR motor saves space and costs due to its compact design and also promotes an extended life from an environmental and regulatory perspective.   

Customizable Options 

Brakes - Inverter driven motors often don't require large brakes. To facilitate this, up to three brake size options are available for each motor size. The ability to specify the brake size ultimately results in greater cost savings for the customer. Additionally, the series is equipped with a manual brake release, automatic or lockable, that can be easily field-adjusted to one of four different mounting positions.

Encoder - The new built-in encoder is fully integrated into the motor, making it more compact and less expensive. The encoder is installed between the end shield and the fan is connected at the terminal box, so it can be easily retrofitted. Traditional HTL, sin/cos, or absolute mounted encoders are also available for high-precision applications.

Mounting - Now offering new mounting capabilities. The motor can be foot-mounted and/or flange-mounted with numereous through-hole or tapped-hole configurations. A NEMA C-face flange is also available.




DRS (Standard Efficiency): fractional HP
DRP (Premium® Efficiency): 1 - 50 HP DRE (Energy Efficiency): 1 - 300 HP 

DRP (Premium® Efficiency): able to cycle thousands of times per hour

Rotor cage material: copper and aluminum

For more information on the new DR Motor line please visit our microsite.