Driving Canada and the rest of the world

Driving Canada

SEW-EURODRIVE is the worldwide leader in drive technology manufacturing and has become the supplier of choice among many Canadian companies. We offer the perfect drive solutions for your industry. Our products stand for diversity, quality, reliability and the power of innovation. These are performance characteristics that are at the heart of our entire product portfolio.

SEW-EURODRIVE Canada does not just move countless conveyor belts, bottling plants, sports stadium roofs, gravel plants, assembly lines, processes in the chemical industry, your luggage at the airport, or even you on escalators, we also are moving ourselves. In our company, there is no such thing as standing still. Our success is based on an infrastructure that offers extensive support to customers from coast to coast

No matter where you are located across Canada, SEW-EURODRIVE is there for you with three assembly plants, in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. We stock more product inventory than all our competitors combined. We also have 38 technical sales representatives and hundreds of distribution product specialists and industry specialist locations. Our applications engineers located regionally understand the power transmission challenges your business and industry are facing – and how to optimize your drive application to meet them.

In addition, as a SEW customer you can rest assured we will do whatever it takes to keep you up and running. Whether you're in Nunavut or Quebec, should a drive ever go down, we can build you a replacement, and deliver it – in a fraction of the time it takes most other drive suppliers to respond.

When push comes to shove, having a SEW representative available locally gives you incredible depth of support, any hour of the day or night, whether you are running a calcined coke plant in Kitimat or a fish processing facility in Yarmouth.

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