Drive solutions for the beverage industry

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Increased reliability, flexibility, and efficiency in beverage production

The beverage industry places very specific and high demands on its machines, systems, and equipment. Robust, high-torque, long-lived drive technology forms the basis for efficient system planning.

Do you want to respond flexibly to seasonal peaks in the beverage production and liquid bottling processes? Do you need to perform fast batch changes to meet market demand? Our drive technology will give you a significant competitive edge. We have expert knowledge of your industry and understand the specific requirements of each individual process.

We provide the flexibility you need to process disposable, returnable, glass, or PET bottles in dry, wet, or hygienic areas. With our range of modular drive components, predefined solutions in the MAXOLUTION ® packages, and customized MAXOLUTION ® system solutions, you are guaranteed to receive the perfect drive technology for your needs.

We also offer defined aseptic solutions. There are strict hygiene rules in place in wet areas and sensitive production areas. Investing in our reliable, hygienic drive technology ensures reliable processes for your system and high-quality products for your customers.

Also, stay in control of your energy balance: Our efficient components and solutions help you to considerably reduce your energy consumption and operating costs. In this way, you too will be doing your part to help Europe achieve its objective of reducing CO 2 emissions by 20 to 25 percent over the next ten years.

Other features of our drive technology include minimum maintenance work and simple startup. This provides you with additional assurance that your machines and systems will be run more efficiently.

Overview of your processes in the beverage industry and the corresponding drive technology

Whether you work with wet or dry areas, our drive technology offers a solution to suit each step of your process.

Process overview of bottling and packaging

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Gain your competitive advantage

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See for yourself how you can gain a real competitive advantage in the beverages industry with our concepts.

Beverage industry in motion

See for yourself how you can increase efficiency and reliability in your production processes with our drive technology and our experts' know-how.

Your processes and our corresponding drive solutions for the beverage industry

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