Drive solutions for the logistics industry

  • Goods supply in the transportation and logistic industry

    Goods supply

    High material flow per­formance, efficiency, and compact design with our drive technology.

    Goods Supply
  • Secondary packaging supply in the transportation and logistics industry

    Secondary packaging supply

    Our drive technology reduces system complexity and installation costs.

    Secondary packaging supply
  • Goods sorting in the transportation and logistics industry

    Goods sorting

    Achieve high throughputs and precision with reduced energy consumption thanks to our drive

  • Stacker crane in the transportation and logistics industry

    Stacker crane

    Our customized, reliable automation solutions for warehouse technology.

    Stacker crane
  • Loading and unloading in the transportation and logistics industry

    Loading and unloading

    Our materials handling technology ensures flexibility and reliability for your processes.

    Loading and unloading

Direct the flow of goods in any direction

The global movement of goods never stops. Your logistics systems have to move immense quantities of goods every day. System availability is a number one priority. We offer durable drive technology and comprehensive concepts.

Optimize your processes while implementing a logistics solution with modular, standardized drive and control technology from SEW‑EURODRIVE. The key to attaining a real competitive advantage lies in creating innovative, energy-efficient concepts. We offer the perfect modules for your system.

Make your systems more efficient with our modular drive component series, the scalable drive solutions from the MAXOLUTION® packages, or the customized MAXOLUTION® system solutions. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Process overview of the flow of goods in the transportation and logistics industry

In our process overview, we have compiled all of the individual steps involved in the flow of goods in the transportation and logistics industry and displayed them in a flow chart.

Process overview for the logistics industry

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Intelligent logistics processes

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Experience in motion: How we optimize your processes with our concepts.

Transportation and logistics industry

Our know-how for your processes. Increase your flexibility and efficiency with our drive technology and expert knowledge.