Application Configurator for CCUs

Our Application configurator provides a large number of standardized, configurable software modules. It makes the process of configuring basic single-access application modules and complex multi-axis application modules significantly easier, and completely dispenses with the need for programming.

Configure rather than program, using our CCU (Configurable control unit)

Are you a machine operator looking for suitable control solutions that are easy to configure and automate? Is quick startup without the need for tedious programming important to you?

With standardized application modules that require only minimal configuration and can be run directly, our Application Configurator control software for CCUs gives you the reassurance you need. The functionality of these modules is tailored for each specific application. This allows you to configure your drive applications quickly and easily, without the need for programming expertise. An integrated diagnostics function also helps you get your machine up and running with minimum effort and delay. Once you have configured the application modules, they run on the associated controller hardware, independently of your drive electronics system.

  • Single-axis application modules: Configurable software modules for controlling single axes in various operating modes such as speed control, positioning, and phase-synchronous operation.
  • Multi-axis application modules: Configurable software modules for controlling complex motion sequences for stacker cranes, winding applications, and kinematic applications, for example.

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Your benefits

  • Configure rather than program

    Graphical configurators allow you to configure predefined application and technology modules that can be run directly
  • Smooth startup

    Our standardized application modules allow for quick startup, without the need for time-consuming programming
  • Optimize your applications

    We provide a wide range of diagnostics tools for optimizing your applications


Configure applications quickly and easily using our Application Configurator for CCUs

  • Graphical configuration of modules via PC
  • Standardized single-axis and multiple-axis application modules can be configured and run directly
  • Modules can be controlled via a standardized process data interface
  • A special control mode allows for pre-startup, without the need for a higher-level PLC (programmable logic controller)
  • Shorter response times when coordinating multiple axes
  • Integrated diagnostics make startup quicker and smoother

Application modules

Standardized application modules for common positioning and motion sequences that can be run directly

Single-axis application modules

  • Speed control
  • Universal module: Speed, positioning, modulo, remaining distance
  • Universal module technology, with phase-synchronous operation
  • Rapid/creep speed positioning

Multi-axis application modules

  • HandlingKinematics: Implementation of kinematic and handling applications
  • effiSRS: Energy-optimized coordination of drive and hoist axes for stacker cranes
  • Winding systems: For effortless winding and unwinding of materials
  • SyncCrane: For easy control of crane bridges and lifts

Universal module

Standardized application modules for common positioning and motion sequences that can be run directly


  • For speed-controlled and positioning applications
  • Functions: Synchronization and touch probe evaluation


  • Positioning type can be configured in linear or modulo mode
  • Positions specified as absolute or relative positions
  • Speed synchronization with configurable master value sources
  • Four process data profiles (4, 6, 7, 10 PD)

Universal module technology

Expand the functional scope of the universal module with additional angle-synchronous applications


  • Functional scope of the universal module can be extended
  • Additional phase-synchronous applications in Gearing operating mode


  • Synchronous movements by up to 8 drives in one master-slave combination
  • Distance-based or time-based synchronization
  • Configurable offset during synchronous travel

Application module for rapid/creep positioning

Implement cost-effective transport solutions, for example


  • Allows the implementation of cost-effective transport solutions, for example.


  • Easier to compare disturbances caused by slippage, for example, and to set the required position by moving a sensor
  • Drive functionality: Jogging and positioning
  • Suited for roller conveyors, lifting tables, and rotary tables

HandlingKinematics application module

Easy configuration of pick-and-place applications


  • The HandlingKinematics application module supports quick and easy startup of kinematic and handling applications thanks to its intuitive software and graphical configuration interface. This module allows a significant reduction in cycle time thanks to configurable S-ramps and contour-accurate path control with integrated look-ahead functionality.


  • Fieldbus interface with up to 20 path points and configurable wait points for each path segment
  • Touch probe measurement function and sensor-based positioning
  • 3D simulation for startup and diagnostics

effiSRS application module for energy-efficient stacker cranes

Support energy-efficient operation of high-bay warehouses in the long term


  • Supports the energy-efficient operation of high-bay warehouses


  • Energy-efficient coordination of vertical lifting and horizontal travel axes
  • Support for one or two vertical lifting drives
  • Slackness detection, buffer storage, optional recovery

Winder application module

Wind and unwind material at a constant tension or line speed


  • Designed for applications that require the winding or unwinding of material based on a constant tension or line speed
  • Different winding technologies for different materials and machine situations


  • Tension determined by winder via torque control, tension control, and jockey position adjustment
  • Speed determined by winder with optional speed control

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