Drive technology for belt conveyors

Large distances often have to be spanned when extracting materials and removing goods. Belt conveyors are the best drive solution in this situation due to their durability and efficiency. Take advantage of our know-how as an industry leader.

Powerful drive solution with industrial gear units for belt conveyors

Industrial gear unit solution for use in belt conveyors
Customized industrial gear unit solution for reliable belt conveyors
Customized industrial gear unit solution for reliable belt conveyors

The rising global demand for raw materials is also increasing demand for the faster extraction and processing of these materials. This means that operators of conveyor systems are faced with new challenges: to ensure efficient extraction, downstream processing and disposal, the process engineering systems must be able to transport the materials quickly. Belt conveyors play an important role in this context: they transport raw materials as well as other goods across great distances. Combined with a strong drive, to overcome any friction force that arises, they ensure the right acceleration in the conveying process.

It means that all the system components must be able to deal with the harsh operating conditions. The fantastic reliability and rapid availability of the components reduces idling times to a minimum and increases the operating life.

Tailored to belt conveyors: SEW-EURODRIVE industrial gear unit solution

In practice, belt conveyors differ considerably with respect to operating hours: some conveying systems only operate sporadically, while others run around the clock. This creates additional challenges with regard to reliability and availability. Our robust drive solutions impressively meet these demanding requirements.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial gear units we know your industry and the associated processes. We make sure that you have the right drive technology for your conveying systems. Our high-torque industrial gear units impress in every environment, even under difficult conditions. Our modular principle, with its robust housing concept, provides the optimal solution even for high ambient temperatures.

Better heat dissipation due to thermal housing

Generation X.e industrial gear units
Generation X.e industrial gear units

The thermal enclosure is characterized by the increased enclosure surface and the axial fan installed as standard compared to the horizontal enclosure of the X series. This allows better heat dissipation to the environment and the highest thermal limit performance within the X-series without external cooling options.

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Your benefits

  • Efficient cooling concept

    make external cooling systems and a larger gear unit redundant
  • Reliable application

    even in harsh conditions thanks to the X series industrial gear unit's robust housing
  • Optimal project planning

    thanks to ideally suited and efficient project planning tools from SEW-EURODRIVE

Features, options and applications of drive solutions for belt conveyors


  • Three-stage X series bevel-helical gear unit
  • Special gray cast iron housing (GG25) with a larger surface for better heat dissipation
  • Suitable for use with an auxiliary drive
  • Versatile shaft concepts can be implemented
  • Splash lubrication or pressure lubrication with shaft end pump, motor pump & motor pump with spray lance available

Find out more about the X series industrial gear units

Options and accessories

Options are customized to the relevant application:

  • Efficient sealing system (taconite)
  • Oil dipstick and oil level glass
  • Breather valve from Des-Case
  • ATEX design on request

Accessories are customized to the relevant application:

  • Rigid flange coupling
  • Standard backstop and backstop for limiting the torque
  • Swing base and base frame
  • PT100 oil bath temperature sensor
  • Mechanical couplings or hydraulic couplings
  • Brakes

Areas of application

Applications for our belt conveyors

  • Bulk materials handling technology
  • Materials handling systems in the construction and raw materials industries
  • Crushers
  • Screening units
  • Loading stations

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