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A ball mill is a horizontal cylinder filled with steel balls or the like. This cylinder rotates around its axis and transmits the rotating effect to the balls. The material fed through the mill is crushed by the impact and ground as a result of the friction between the balls. The drive system can either consist of a central drive (central gear unit: helical gear unit or planetary gear unit) or a girth gear unit with pinion design (central gear unit: helical gear unit).

Our planetary industrial gear units and the helical and bevel-helical gear units are perfectly compatible with both designs. Despite their compact construction, they supply the drive system with the torque necessary for their application. The use of our P series industrial planetary gear unit and the X series industrial bevel and bevel-helical gear unit is adequate for lower torques of up to 500 kNm. Larger torques of up to 4,000 kNm are serviced by a combination of our XP series industrial planetary gear units and the X series industrial bevel-helical gear units.

Our durable and resilient drive solutions ensure a reliable ball mill operation Drive packages from a single source: industrial gear units and segmented girth gears

Large girth gears are installed around the cylinder to rotate the horizontal ball mill cylinders. A pinion connects these directly to the industrial gear unit.

SEW-EURODRIVE does not just provide industrial gear units, we provide the complete drive package with specially segmented girth gears. We have developed an extremely flexible concept for these kinds of powerful applications: the girth gears are divided into several identical segments. This concept simplifies the manufacture, transport, installation and maintenance. Basic gear units with drive pinions, a base, casing and many other options are supplied and installed on request.

Drive solutions with girth gears are extremely complex and require comprehensive advice, so we make sure that we support you in all your questions relating to your application. Our experts provide support from the initial consultation through to professional installation and startup. This means that you can be confident that you have received the best technology and the most efficient solution.

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