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Our system solutions represent real customer benefit and a high degree of functionality. They combine innovative technology together with many years of application experience and market feedback.

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Your added value with our MAXOLUTION® system solutions
Use MAXOLUTION® systems to solve demanding drive tasks
Use MAXOLUTION® systems to solve demanding drive tasks

We know that, in order to save time and money, you have to adapt your production quickly and without risk in line with your requirements. We have designed our system solutions to be modular and scalable for this reason. You can therefore add or remove system modules depending on your production capacity.

Besides our integrated innovative technologies such as energy storage devices, fast roaming and secure WLAN communication in the slotted waveguide, we also offer an information and communication platform for direct connection to the production system. Our system solutions are connected within the factory via an open Ethernet interface in order to optimize coordination of production and material flow processes.

For risk-free project implementation which, at the same time, is also optimized in terms of time and cost, all projects are organized from planning and configuration through to startup and production monitoring by our experienced project managers.

Using our own software platform you are able to visualize, simulate and startup your system virtually. This gives you complete planning reliability.

As people and machines are increasingly acting in unison, our integrated safety technology ensures they are protected with safety-related position measurement and control.

System solutions are tested and validated in advance in our own test center. In addition, the risks inherent in international projects are minimized and their complexity reduced by means of professional project management and our decentralized sales structure.

Let the added value of our MAXOLUTION® systems also create added value in your plant: for new concepts in integrating materials handling technology applications with machine tasks.

Your benefits

  • Integrate system solutions

    because at the heart of MAXOLUTION® systems for demanding drive tasks there's an overall concept designed right down to the very last detail.
  • Build cost efficiency into planning

    because with MAXOLUTION® you can rely on system solutions from a single source with only one contact person.
  • Easy to expand

    because MAXOLUTION® systems can be reproduced and upgraded quickly and in a cost efficient manner.
  • Save time

    because with MAXOLUTION® you can dispense with complex structures and multiple suppliers (component suppliers).

MAXOLUTION® system solutions for complex drive tasks

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